You don't need to register on a P2Pool-node. Only point your miner to the pool's URL, with your Novacoin-address as the username and anything as a password.
With the first found block after you joined, your share of coins will start to be sent to your Novacoin-address automatically.
Please be patient. P2Pool uses PPLNS, which means, that your share will build up over time. Allow up to 24 hours and see what you get then per found block.
If you experience high dead-/reject-rates, try "queue" : "0", "expiry" : "1", "scan-time" : "1" in your config-file, or a command-line like this:
cgminer --scrypt --queue 0 --expiry 1 --scan-time 1 -o stratum+tcp:// -u novacoinaddress -p anything --RestOfCgminerOptions

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P2Pool version: P2PoolExtendedFrontEnd interface by blixnood

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