You don't need to register on a P2Pool-node. Only point your miner to the node's URL, with your Mooncoin-address as the username and anything as a password.
With the first found block after you joined, your share of coins will start to be sent to your Mooncoin-address automatically.
Please be patient. P2Pool uses PPLNS, which means, that your share will build up over time. Allow up to 24 hours and see what you get then per found block.
If you experience high dead-/reject-rates, try "queue" : "0", "expiry" : "1", "scan-time" : "1" in your config-file, or a command-line like this:
cgminer --scrypt --queue 0 --expiry 1 --scan-time 1 -o stratum+tcp:// -u mooncoinaddress -p anything --RestOfCgminerOptions

For general info on P2Pool, please see here:

For miners with a higher hashrate:
Please notice, that P2Pool works differently than the usual MPOS- or NOMP-counterpart.
This means: even if your hashrate contains a high ratio of dead shares at first, these are counted for your share of payouts, too.
See it reflected in the list for the payouts; the amount will rise accordingly, even with 99% dead shares.
After a time the fraction of dead shares should lower continuous and come to a healthy value of max. 1-3% on average. If not, try the settings above.

For miners with a lower hashrate:
It is important, to stay on the pool, if you don't want to see your mined share decrease after you left with no block found yet.
This is, because the miners with higher hashrate will replace that share relatively fast, based on the higher amount of mining-power they contribute to the network.

For all miners:
You'll always get the most out of your hashing-power, if you stay on ONE pool. The good thing about P2Pool is, that you can switch nodes without losing your shares.
Hopefully we'll see more nodes in the future, to further strengthen the network. To set up a P2Pool-node, try Rav3nPL's script on GitHub.

Happy mining!

31.12.2017: Daemon updated to the newest version, including the fix for mining low-fee-transactions to avoid them becoming stuck
27.12.2017: Daemon restarted with option "-blockprioritysize=51000", as recommended by the Mooncoin-dev, in order to include stuck tx's with very low fees
18.12.2017: This node now runs on Mooncoin Core 0.13.9-segwit. The update was the reason for the outages today and the reset of the chain. Find the latest wallet-version on GitHub.

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Pool rate
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P2Pool version: P2PoolExtendedFrontEnd interface by blixnood

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